This analyst report offers an invaluable competitive comparison of this complex market place’s value propositions, and offers its own analysis of why Sapiens continues to lead.

The Celent ABC Vendor View shows the relative position of each policy administration system evaluated. This is the second time Sapiens has won the award, which is part of Celent’s comprehensive analysis of 36 PAS systems for EMEA’s Life market.

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2021 XCelent Awards


System: EMEA Life Insurance Edition

Source: Celent, 2021 XCelent Awards, Policy Adminstration Systems: EMEA Life Insurance Edition

Celent points out that Sapiens continued investment in, and improvements in CoreSuite for Life are the key to their success. As is the sharp focus on user experience, extended analytics, expanded open APIs and functional regression testing they offer.

They call out two additional features that stood out this year: 

Re-architecting the solution for co-existence alongside other cores;
the addition of new product features to enable innovation in retirement income, with the introduction of equity release capabilities and new fund structures.

“These evolutions are ‘on trend’ with the move towards open multi-core environments wrapped by a middle layer and with new innovative client propositions”.

Celent named Sapiens as the leading vendor its report in the ‘Breadth of functionality’ category. It compared 20 key areas of functionality for its CoreSuite for Life offering.

The report looks in detail at criteria that most impact insurer choice across tools such as billing, collection, claims and payouts, needs analysis and a range of critical tools it offers.

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