As a global vendor, Sapiens wanted to quantify and better understand these trends. Working with London-based TINtech, Sapiens commissioned research in the spring of 2021 to understand the digital impacts on insurers from the changing needs and expectations of their end-customers via operational, behavioral and customer lenses. Extensive discussion with UK carriers has enabled Sapiens to build a clear view of what’s changed and why.

Sapiens is Offering Exclusive Access to Our Resulting Analysis & Research Paper on How Insurers Are Reacting to Fast-Changing, Post-Pandemic Buyer Behaviors & Expectation.

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Reimagining Engaging Digital Customer Journeys


As the pandemic began to retreat, progressive insurers began to focus on how customer needs and expectations changed dramatically in a very short time. To do this they needed to pin down the changing drivers behind buyer behavior and identify strategies for new operational models required to support digital transformations.